Gynecologist Near Me

Gynecologist near Me

Taking care of your health is what is important to us. Dr. Galvan and his team of experts can provide expert care to women using the latest tools and methods that reduce risk and increase safety. When you seek a gynecologist near you, Galvan OB/GYN is the right doctor to trust. We provide the most exceptional gynecologic services, so no matter where you are in Bloomington, Normal, or McLean County, we are always a call away. We want to serve every woman by providing the right care and meeting the needs in a timely fashion. In this manner, women can feel safe and confident in all their activities.



At Galvan OB/GYN, we believe in giving you quality gynecologic care that is in line today's best knowledge on the female reproductive system and ensures health and hygiene in women and girls of any age. We provide personalized care that results in happy women who can be free to perform any activity that their body can allow them. With our in-office sonography and office laboratory, you can get everything done quickly and easily. The convenience and comfort that we provide is the way we show our care to our patients and to every woman who requires information about proper gynecologic care.

We Understand the Challenge

We know that you may not understand why you need to visit a gynecologist. However, know that a healthy reproductive system is a sign of good overall health. This means that your body is responding to the needs that require for it to survive and reproduce, which is one of the things that we value medically. We know the needs of different girls and women. We provide care and guidance for your daughter's first period or mother's menopause.


Why Visit a Gynecologist Near You?

A gynecologist who you can trust can provide accurate information not only on health matters including hygiene and vaginal care but also on sex and sexuality, including health and safety. We use only the latest medical literature to guide our practice so that a high level of gynecologic care can be provided. As a gynecologist near you, Galvan OB/GYNE is trusted in the gynecology community as an expert in the field. 


We also teach you about birth control techniques, sexually transmitted diseases, and your menstrual cycle and why it matters. Our experience has allowed us to handle sensitive conversations with the utmost professionalism, so don't worry as we are able to explain the process to your daughter or to your elderly. We can teach you how to keep your reproductive system healthy in your own ways at home or at work. We also share the best vaginal care products to ensure that you live happily and comfortably.


Therefore, Galvan OB/GYN is the gynecologist to turn to for quality care that results in a happy, healthy lifestyle. Get in touch with Galvan OB/GYN today for more information about this gynecologist near you.

Visit Our Office: 1300 Franklin Ave, Suite #330 Normal IL 61761.

Call for Appointment: (309) 454-7400


Expert Gynecologist Near You - Galvan OB/GYN



We now have 3D Ultrasound for our patients! Our new GE Ultrasound offers the best in 3D/4D imaging to create a memory-making  keepsake.  Ask any staff member for details!


We want to be here for you! In the event you need to reach Dr. Galvan after hours we always have daily updated contact information.  Please call the office (454-7400)  and listen for the Dr. on call prompt.  Information is recorded daily to give you the assistance you need!


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