Myths about Going to the Gynecologist


Misconceptions about Going to the Gynecologist


Seeing a gynecologist, or a doctor specializing in women’s reproductive health, means that you are taking care of your body especially the most sensitive areas. A checkup gives you and your gynecologist a general sense of the condition of your reproductive system, things that are normal for you, and potential problem areas such as signs of a vaginal infection. By seeing a gynecologist on a regular basis, you may know the problems early so they can be treated before further complications arise. Furthermore, a gynecologist can explain what a normal vaginal discharge should be like and what possible signs of a problem can be observed. Finally, a gynecologist can advise you on safe sexual acts so that you can have healthy sexual encounters.


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While consulting a gynecologist is a good way to determine the condition of your reproductive health, many misconceptions are spreading about visits to a gynecologist. These myths often bring fear and discourage women from doing this important healthcare aspect. Therefore, Dr. Galvan and Bloomington OB/GYN debunk these beliefs so that you can be well-informed and understand your body better. By doing so, we disseminate useful information to women of all ages, especially teenage girls, about the importance of regular gynecologist visits. 


Going to a Gynecologist on Your Period


Contrary to popular belief, it is perfectly fine to visit the gynecologist on your period.  However, if you are having problems with discharge, then waiting until the bleeding stops is the best way for the doctor to actually see the problem. On the other hand, other issues such as pelvic pain must be relayed to the gynecologist regardless of whether you have your period.


Not Going Because You're Not Old Enough


A common misconception is that teens having their first periods do not need to see a gynecologist because what they are going through is natural. However, this is not true because teenage girls between 13 and 15 years of age actually need to go to the gynecologist for professional advice on how to handle their periods. There is more to going to a gynecologist than just getting a vaginal exam, and young girls also need to know the importance of reproductive health care. Furthermore, a visit to the gynecologist can be informative because girls can comfortably talk to the expert about sensitive subjects that they are otherwise too embarrassed to discuss with friends and family.


Not Needing to Go Because You Don't Have an Active Sex Life


Although sex is a major part of reproductive health, it is not the only consideration. Vaginas are affected not only by sex but also by other factors such as nutrition, daily activities, and other personal attributes. Therefore, having an inactive sex life does not exclude you from visiting the gynecologist, as potential problems with your vagina can still happen without any sexual activity. Furthermore, some behaviors that might not be considered as "sex" to some people, such as other acts of intimacy, can still pose risk factors for STDs.


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Galvan OB/GYN aims to provide the most exceptional obstetrical and gynecologic services in Bloomington, Normal, and McLean County. Therefore, we encourage women of all ages to undergo checkups to ensure vaginal health. Through our services, we provide women with leading-edge advice on reproductive health in a safe and comfortable environment. We want to provide quality gynecologic care to every woman to help stop the spread of sexually transmitted diseases and to promote a healthy lifestyle.


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