Obgyn in Bloomington IL

Obgyn in Bloomington IL

Obgyns in Bloomington IL are specialists of women's reproductive health. While it is common knowledge that an obgyn in Bloomington IL is a doctor who delivers babies, they are much more than that. They are specialists of the reproductive system of a woman as a whole. These specialists have been trained to detect early signs of high risk pregnancies and provide remedies early on.

Whether you’re expecting a normal birth or one with complication, both are easily handled by an expert obgyn in Bloomington IL. They are surgeons who are experts in obstetric complications. When an obgyn in Bloomington IL performs his usual investigations and sees something that could be troublesome, he is equipped to provide remedies that other types of physicians wouldn't be qualified to perform.

Expert Obgyn in Bloomington IL

If you are pregnant, or if you and your spouse are planning to have a child, then you need the care of an expert obgyn in Bloomington IL. Your obgyn in Bloomington IL will deal with many important health issues including childbirth, menopause, and birth control. A qualified obgyn in Bloomington IL should also be able to screen for cancer and can treat infections.

It is necessary to have an expert obgyn in Bloomington IL who can perform surgery if a pregnancy is considered to be high risk. Pelvic regions and urinary tract problems are also the concern of good obgyn in Bloomington IL. If you want an obgyn who has the most experience and training, then Galvan OB/GYN is here to help you. We have experts who employ the latest technologies in robotic surgery and reproductive health care.

Experience Obgyn in Bloomington IL

Our experience can help you go through your pregnancy. Let Dr. Galvan be your



We now have 3D Ultrasound for our patients! Our new GE Ultrasound offers the best in 3D/4D imaging to create a memory-making  keepsake.  Ask any staff member for details!


We want to be here for you! In the event you need to reach Dr. Galvan after hours we always have daily updated contact information.  Please call the office (454-7400)  and listen for the Dr. on call prompt.  Information is recorded daily to give you the assistance you need!


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