Obstetrician in Bloomington

Obstetrician in Bloomington

An obstetrician in Bloomington is a physician who specializes in the surgical care of women, their reproductive system, and their offspring during pregnancy, childbirth, and post-natal care. Deciding from among obstetricians is a very important consideration that you will make. You will want an obstetrician with whom you can be comfortable.

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Pregnancy, post-natal, post-partum care, and delivery are the duties of obstetricians in Bloomington. They also perform regular ultrasounds to make sure that everything is in order during pregnancy and months leading to the delivery. These tests are usually done in the first trimester, and at the 12th and 20th week of pregnancy to determine the health of the fetus, and identify any complications.


Experienced Obstetrician in Bloomington

It is usually common for women to consider years of experience in choosing the right obstetrician. Successful pregnancies and deliveries form part of the credentials of a good obstetrician. With Galvan, you are assured of the care and expertise that an experienced obstetrician can provide.

If you are looking for the right obstetrician in Bloomington, Dr. Galvan has over 20 years of experience in helping women have a pleasant childbirth experience. Having a child is a really miraculous experience. That is why Dr. Galvan has trained and practiced only the latest procedures and methods in dealing with pregnancies and childbirth. Galvan OB/GYN will provide you with the best care that you and your baby deserves.

Professional Obstetrician in Bloomington

If what you need is professional help, you have come to the right place. Let Dr. Galvan be your obstetrician who offers the following services:

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Dr. Galvan can help you. Contact us today to have the best obstetrician in Bloomington by your side when your baby comes into this world.



We now have 3D Ultrasound for our patients! Our new GE Ultrasound offers the best in 3D/4D imaging to create a memory-making  keepsake.  Ask any staff member for details!


We want to be here for you! In the event you need to reach Dr. Galvan after hours we always have daily updated contact information.  Please call the office (454-7400)  and listen for the Dr. on call prompt.  Information is recorded daily to give you the assistance you need!


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