High Risk Obstetrics in Bloomington IL

High risk obstetrics require special care and monitoring before, during, and after delivery. One cause of a high-risk pregnancy or high risk obstetrics can be a medical condition that was acquired before pregnancy. In some cases, a condition that comes up during pregnancy for either the mother or the baby causes high risk obstetrics.

High risk obstetrics are often experienced by women who are 35 years old and older. Subsequent pregnancies of women who have had a prior C-section or who have had preterm birth are also at risk. Smoking cigarettes, consuming alcohol, and using prohibited or regulated drugs can also be causes of high risk obstetrics. Click the button below to speak with Dr Galvan about your options. 

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Other Causes of High Risk Obstetrics in Bloomington IL

Genetics can also play a role in high risk obstetrics. Diseases that can be passed through the genes such as high blood pressure, anemia, or diabetes can increase the risk of pregnancy. A history of miscarriage also needs extra care. High risk obstetrics need the best medical care from the best specialists.

Galvan OB/GYB knows how to deal with high risk obstetrics. We know that high risk pregnancies pose danger to the uterus, cervix, or placenta, or even the life of the mother or the baby. Dealing with high risk obstetrics also means giving a higher chance for a mother to be able to get pregnant and deliver more babies in the future.

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